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Mindy Mosk

Mindy Mosk


Mindy Mosk graduated cum laude from Leiden University in 2018 with a specialisation in family and juvenile law, after which she joined our firm. From 2016 to 2020, Mindy volunteered with the children’s rights organisation Defence for Children-ECPAT and worked in the notarial practice for several years during her studies. On 1 December 2022, Mindy was named ‘Upcoming Talent of the Year 2022’ by the Legal Women Foundation. This award is given to top female legal talent (up to and including seven years of work experience) that has stood out because of her business and/or social influence or, for example, because of a special vision.

Mindy deals with family law in its broadest sense. Her special interests include parentage cases (including surrogacy cases), international child abductions, custody issues such as (inter)national relocations, maintenance disputes and the settlement of assets in the event of a divorce or separation.

Mindy’s approach is characterised by her personal commitment, drive and offering clear and expert legal advice. She is fully committed to achieving her client’s desired outcome in every case, keeping in mind the best interests of the child. This means that she strives for a practical and sustainable solution while trying to prevent the agreements made from leading to conflicts at a later date.

Mindy’s interests include combining her work as a lawyer with writing academic articles, speaking at conferences and providing webinars and lectures in the field of family law. Recently, Mindy wrote the following articles:

‘Word ik gehoord?’ in het Tijdschrift Relatierecht en Praktijk (REP) 2020/310 (in Dutch);

‘Realising the child’s right to be heard by a guardian ad litem in Dutch child abduction proceedings’ in the magazine Expert Guide Family Law 2020;

‘Licht aan het einde van de tunnel voor wensouders?’ in het Tijdschrift voor Jeugdrecht (TvJr) 2021/1 (in Dutch);

‘Nederland het beste jongetje van de klas?’ in het Tijdschrift voor scheidingsrecht (EB) 2022, afl. 1/2 (in Dutch).

Mindy is a member of the Association IKO / D.I.A.L. (Dutch International Child Abduction Lawyers).


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